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HTA Co., Ltd. Visiting Indonesia to Develop International Market

HTA Co., Ltd. Visiting Indonesia to Develop International Market

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HTA President Cui Haiping leads a team to visit Indonesia, negotiating with a Indonesian company and other potential project investors on radiopharmaceutical bussiness. 


Recently, HTA President Cui Haiping leads a team to visit Indonesia, negotiating with a Indonesian company and other potential project investors on radiopharmaceutical bussiness. The two sides mainly talk about Indonesian market conditions and business cooperation models, and conduct preliminary discussions on the feasibility of establishing a local radiopharmacy. Finally, the two sides reach a consensus on the distribution issue and sign a memorandum of understanding.



During the discussion with the Indonesian Association of Nuclear Medicine, the two parties exchange views and enhance mutual trust. The symposium and the subsequent field research of hospitals enable HTA to deeply understand the development status and future planning of nuclear medicine in Indonesia.



With the implementation of the universal health care policy, Indonesia's nuclear medicine market is expected to see a huge increase. After the visit, President Cui gives important instructions on the next step of developing market. "The local nuclear medicine market has a broad development prospect. HTA will have a lot to do in this new market. We should seize the opportunity and strive for breakthroughs via this visit,” Cui said.



Actively exploring the international market is not only necessary for economic development, but also a way for a responsible enterprise to benefit more people. With the mission of “strengthening nuclear industry to build a strong country and benefit the mankind”, HTA will continue to positively practice "One Belt and One Road" Initiative, steadily promote the internationalization, so as to help more people for a better life.