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HTA Co., Ltd. Purchased 51% Stocks in PET-MODULE Technology Co., Ltd.

HTA Co., Ltd. Purchased 51% Stocks in PET-MODULE Technology Co., Ltd.

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On January 24, 2019, the signing ceremony of HTA Co., Ltd. acquiring PET-MODULE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Beijing, marking that PET-MODULE has become a subsidiary of HTA.


On January 24, 2019, the signing ceremony of HTA Co., Ltd. acquiring PET-MODULE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Beijing, marking that PET-MODULE has become a subsidiary of HTA. Fan Guomin, Communist Party Secretary and Chairman of HTA, Yang Guimei, Chief Accountant of HTA, and Zhou Tong, a shareholder of PET-MODULE, attended the signing ceremony.


As a new high-tech enterprise established in 2006, PET-MODULE has committed itself to the research, development and production of positron drug synthesis module, the sales of kits and the promotion of new positron drugs. It is an important supplier of HTA in terms of radiopharmaceuticals production, which is highly compatible with the main business of HTA. The acquisition is conducive to optimizing the industrial structure of HTA, improving market competitiveness, and is of great strategic significance for the extension of the industrial chain.


Fan Guomin stressed that the successful acquisition was just a new start of bilateral cooperation, and the future development of PET-MODULE should identify the strategic positioning, broaden the business scope and expand the market size, so as to achieve the strategic goal of mutual benefit and win-win.