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CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals Research and Development Center Holding Opening Ceremony

CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals Research and Development Center Holding Opening Ceremony

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On 17th January, 2019, the opening ceremony of CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals Research and Development (R&D) Center has been held at HTA Co., Ltd..


On 17th January, 2019, the opening ceremony of CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals Research and Development (R&D) Center has been held at HTA Co., Ltd.. Meng Yanbin, Communist Party secretary and chairman of CIRC, and Fan Guomin, Communist Party secretary and chairman of HTA Co., Ltd., have jointly unveiled the plaque of CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals R&D Center. Du Jin, chief engineer and institute president of CIRC, and Zhang Junbo, vice president of Chemistry College of Beijing Normal University, have attended the meeting.


At the ceremony, Du Jin read out the approval documents for CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals R&D Center and the appointment documents for the director of the center. Sui Yanying, director of the center, made an introduction of the center.


Fan Guomin said that under the background of paying attention to scientific and technological innovation in China, the establishment of CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals R&D Center would be faced with opportunities and challenges. To build a China’s leading R&D center for radiopharmaceuticals, we need attach equal importance to the introduction and independent training of scientific and technological talents, strengthening cooperation with major universities and scientific research institutions, and constantly improving the system and mechanism innovation.


Meng Yanbin pointed out that in the future, CIRC Radiopharmaceuticals R&D Center should not only maintain the advantages of drug imitation, but also improve the original research ability of radiopharmaceuticals. We should focus on building up a first-class R&D management system and mechanism, free our minds, be bold in innovation, and accelerate the promotion of first-class talents training, hardware construction and achievements transformation. At the same time, we should emphasize on the global layout of radiopharmaceuticals R&D, and seek to integrate the R&D field with the international standards.