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Shareholders Agreement Signing Ceremony of Shanghai Shenjing Pharma Co., Ltd. Successfully Held

Shareholders Agreement Signing Ceremony of Shanghai Shenjing Pharma Co., Ltd. Successfully Held

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The shareholders agreement signing ceremony of Shanghai Shenjing Pharma Co., Ltd. has been held in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Parkon 6th December, 2018.


The shareholders agreement signing ceremony of Shanghai Shenjin Pharma Co., Ltd. has been held in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park on 6th December, 2018. Fan Guomin (chairman of HTA Co., Ltd.), Yang Jianxin (chairman of HTA Park in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park), Dai Zhimin (director of Shanghai Applied Physics Institute) and Zhang Lan, the representative of technical team, were present at the signing ceremony.


In the context of China's precision medicine development strategy, the research and development of radiopharmaceuticals is booming, with the expiration of a large number of medicine patents, the reform of medicine approval system and the relaxation of configuration license for large medical equipment.


HTA Co., Ltd. seizes the opportunity and sets up Shanghai Shenjing Pharma Co., Ltd., with Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Applied Physics Institute, aiming at building a platform for the R&D of radiopharmaceuticals, establishing a laboratory for the non-clinical safety assessment of radiopharmaceuticals in China, and providing professional R&D services such as safety assessment of radiopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical representatives for domestic innovative pharmaceutical R&D enterprises.


The establishment of Shanghai Shenjing Pharma Co., Ltd. will provide strong technical support for the R&D of new drugs in China’s radiopharmaceutical industry, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.


At the same time, the company is complementary to radiopharmaceuticals R&D Center of HTA Co., Ltd., jointly serving the strategy of China Isotope & Radiation Corporation, and enhancing its innovation ability of radiopharmaceuticals, by taking advantage of the policy superiority of Beijing and Shanghai.