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Company Profile

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HTA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HTA”) is a high-tech enterprise initiated by China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) and was established in May of 2001 by the joint efforts of several companies. In 2011, HTA’s controlling stake had been shifted to China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (CIRC), together consolidating the leading position in the nuclear technology application industry in China.


HTA commits itself to the industrialization of the application of nuclear technology with a large scale of production. Vast products range including more than 300 varieties of products covering over 100 nuclides with strong supports by qualification certificates such as GMP, QES etc. Main business segments include radiopharmaceuticals, radioactive sources, medical devices, radio-labeled compound, tracer agent, etc. In addition to having established the “Demonstration Base for the Industrialization of Large-Power Electron Irradiation Accelerator” as approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, HTA also possesses the core technology and the professional design & manufacturing ability of self-shielding electron beam sterilizer accelerator system, high-energy high-power radiation accelerator, linear electron accelerator for NDT (nondestructive testing), and 60Co irradiation source device.


HTA endows its products with high technology and also gives them with the soul of the enterprise. For many years, HTA has been following the corporate spirit of “people-orientation, integrity and pragmatism, opening up and forging ahead, making efforts to become the best” and has taken the duty of developing isotope and radiation technology to serve the society. Aiming at becoming the international first-class corporation in nuclear technology application industry, HTA will keep innovating, and constantly strengthen the core competitiveness to be involved in more and deeper cooperation with domestic and overseas partners, as well as make greater contribution to benefiting human beings.